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DHL's gas-powered Scania at Clean Cities

In late November 2014 a CNG-powered Scania distribution truck was handed over to DHL's British division. The ceremony took place during the Quiet Cities Global Summit held at the Twickenham stadium in London.
CNG-powered Scania P-280© Quiet CitiesLow entry cabin and door visors are some of the conveniences of this city delivery truck

The Scania has been adapted for city distribution duties primarily by silencing the engine. Using a spark-ignition unit running on natural gas has made it possible to cut noise emissions by 50%, thus allowing to use the vehicle early in the morning or even at night without risking waking anyone up.

Using compressed natural gas or biogas allows to considerably cut emissions of carbon dioxide and harmful exhaust gasses. Compared to a Euro 6-compliant diesel-powered counterpart, the Scania P-280 running on CNG emits by 68% less particulate matter and by 39% less nitrogen oxides. From a driver's point of view, numerous conveniences have been used to make work simpler, including but not limited to visors in lower parts of doors.

While I truly believe this vehicle will be transformational in driving industry towards a better future, DHL will continue to invest in innovative vehicle technology, alternative fuels, accident-prevention systems and driver training to ensure we’re always delivering the best service for our customers and supporting the UK’s environmental health.

Tim Slater, MD, transport at DHL Supply Chain UK & Ireland


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