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Civil Defense goes CNG in Abu Dhabi

If you had huge reserves of oil, would you rather sell it or use it? Apparently they prefer selling in the United Arab Emirates, since the number of CNG-powered cars is on the rise there. The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense fleet has just been converted.

The conversion has been carried out by the General Directorate of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, represented by the Technical Affairs Section. This is a part of a strategy aimed at reducing the use of natural resources by switching governmental and administrational fleets to run on alternative fuels. But not only that – the authorities want to set a good example for the citizens to follow, all the while teaching them how to be more environmentally friendly.

The decision to install the environmentally-friendly CNG system falls under the direction and strategy of the federal government to preserve the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of the UAE. These conversions will also save approximately 50% of the normal cost to operate these vehicles, which eases the financial burden on the government.

The benefits of switching to CNG are plentiful. For one, the natural gas is easily stored in the specifically designed cylinders in various sizes to fit different vehicles. For two, natural gas is cleaner, and therefore extends the life of the spark plugs and the exhaust – as the gas does not affect the walls of the engine’s cylinders. And three, CNG does not contain any additives, which makes it free from pollution and compatible with our efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Lt. Colonel Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Ansari, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense

This is not the first time we've heard CNG-related news coming from the UAE. This only goes to show natural gas is a valuable fuel with a potential to catch on almost anywhere in the world. Until recently we used to think oil-producing countries would be the last ones on the planet to introduce fleets of natural gas-powered vehicles, and yet it's only logical to use cheaper imported fuels instead of your own natural resources which can be sold abroad instead. This strategy will work well for decades, until those who buy UAE's oil switch to natural gas as well.


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