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CNG flying high in Canada

New Flyer Industries, a Canadian heavy-duty bus manufacturer, has been comissioned to deliver up to as many as 305 CNG-powered Xcelsior buses to Southern Nevada, USA. The vehicles will be used in the world's capital of gambling and entertainment – Las Vegas.
New Flyer Xcelsior XD40 40-foot (12-metre) city bus© New Flyer IndustriesCNG as motor fuel makes all the sense in the world, especially in a city bus

The buses have been ordered by RTC – the Transportation Comission of Southern Nevada. They're going to be 40- and 60-foot (12- and 18-metre) variants of the Xcelsior – 35 examples of the XN40 (12-metre) model, 20 examples of the 18-metre XN60 (for which the order is firm) plus optionally another 150 examples of the former and 100 examples of the latter over the next five years. All the buses are going to run on compressed natural gas.

Hopefully, the contract will not terminate after the initial 55 vehicles are delivered and will be carried out in full, with 305 Xcelsiors on duty in Vegas. Why should we care? Because the more CNG-powered vehicles (especially heavy-duty ones, like buses) there are on the roads around the world, the less pollutants there are in the air we breathe. If the RTC is happy with the firm part of the order (and why shouldn't it?), they should execute the remaining part, so let's keep our fingers crossed.


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