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CNG buses for Vietnam with World Bank's money

The World Bank Group’s Board of Executive Directors have agreed to loan Vietnamese authorities 124 million dollars to finance an improvement in public transport performance and efficiency in Ho Chi Minh City. This includes a purchase of at least 28 CNG-powered buses.

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's economic centre, so it needs efficient and sustainable public transport and so the initiative co-financed by the World Bank (the Vietnamese government will cover the remaining 13,45 million dollars of the investment) will focus on the city's high-priority corridor. Once the project is completed, traffic should run smoother and – thanks to CNG-powered buses – produce less harmful pollutants.

To ensure continued strong economic performance and achieve Vietnam’s goal of successfully transitioning to middle-income status, the national government is seeking to address infrastructure constraints as one of its key strategic direction. Given HCMC’s pivotal role in the national economy, the project focuses on upgrading a key transport corridor to demonstrate the potential of a sustainable urban transport system.

Arturo Ardila-Gomez, the World Bank’s Project Team Leader

A busy street in Ho Chi Minh City© World BankWith this kind of congestion it's no wonder CNG is required as fuel for city buses

The initiative will finance the development of a Bus Rapid Transit corridor between An Lac in the southwest and Rach Chiec in the northeast, following the Vo Van Kiet and Mai Chi Tho Boulevards, stretching approx. 23 km, with 28 stops along the way. Once completed, the new transport system will be able to transport up to 28300 passengers on a daily basis. The design aims to address the requirements of women, children and disabled people. Buses are going to be low-floor or low-entry ones, making it easier for passengers to board.

The project also hopes to show the advantages of Bus Rapid Transit and help city authorities prepare for the introduction of a proposed six-line network and lay a foundation for Ho Chi Minh City to establish the institutions required to run an integrated public transport system in the future.


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