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Beer distributor introduces CNG trucks

Manhattan Beer Distributors, a beer distributor from... Manhattan (duh!) has bought 35 CNG-powered semi-truck tractors for its fleet. All of them are examples of the Volvo VNM 200 model, chosen for its durability and maneuverability.
Manhattan Beer Distributors' Volvo VNM 200 CNG trucks© Manhattan Beer DistributorsMore practical, more economical, cleaner, greener and easier to maintain - Manhattan Beer Distributors gained a lot by turning to CNG

Volvo VNM 200 features Cummins Westport's ISL-G natural gas engine and emits by approx. 20% less greenhouse gasses than comparable diesel-powered vehicles. But that's not the only reason why MBD chose this particular model and fuel – the CNG tractors also improve the company's freight efficiency. How so? The new trucks are coupled with trailers featuring 16 beverage bays as opposed to previously used straight trucks with as few as 10 bays. And it couldn't be improved, since in New York City straight trucks can only be up to 35 feet long, whereas tractor/trailer combinations are allowed to be 55 feet long. This way the company can cover a delivery route with a single truck, without returning to base.

Juan Corcino, director of fleet operations for Manhattan Beer Distributors, commented on the purchase that freedom from the operation and maintenance of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems played a crucial role in justifying the investment in compressed natural gas. Volvo offers CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG) solutions for both the Volvo VNM 200 and the Volvo VNL 300. The latter is powered by the 12-litre Cummins Westport ISX12 G engine. Having added 35 VNM 200 models, Manhattan Beer Distributors currently operates 110 CNG-powered trucks in a total fleet of more than 500 vehicles, most of which are medium-duty straight trucks.


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