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Autogas will play crucial role by 2050

According to the UKLPG, autogas has the potential to play a key role as a transport fuel through to the year 2050. Demand for the fuel could soar at the cost of petrol and diesel, whose popularity could drop by 50-80 percent.
An autogas station in the UK© UKLPG40 thousand new LPG conversions every year, 4 times more fuel used - that's something to look up to!

The data is contained in UKLPG's newly published report that backs the findings of previously conducted research – the Low CVP Infrastructure Road Map. According to it, 40 thousand new conversions could be carried out each year from now on until 2030. This means demand for autogas could quadruple compared to today's levels. Just to remind you, there are currently approx. 140 thousand LPG-powered vehicles on the roads of the UK.

The report is based on the presupposition that internal combustion engines will keep dominating the car market by 2050, so as long as they're around, there's plenty of room for LPG to spread as an alternative. But even as fuel cells and plug-in hybrids gain importance and market share, autogas could still be a viable option. Especially that, according to a recent independent well-to-wheel analysis, cars fueled with LPG can be manufactured with exceptionally low levels of emissions.

The research, backed by supporting evidence, clearly identifies the potential for a strong future for automotive LPG to 2050. We’re keen to work together with the automotive industry and policy makers to develop the future of low-carbon road transport in which automotive LPG plays a key role.

Rob Shuttleworth, UKLPG chief


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