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Autogas-powered car crash test

There are 25 million cars running on LPG worldwide, including 13 million in Europe alone. Are they safe? Or are they ticking bombs on wheels, ready to go off at any moment? We checked that in the most practical way possible!


Autogas-powered car crash test© gazeo.comRight before the impact...

Along with the partners of the Autogas-powered car crash test project – AC (manufacturer of STAG autogas systems), STAKO (manufacturer of autogas tanks), PARKER (producer of rubber autogas hoses) and the PIMOT (Automotive Industry Institute) – we conducted a crash test of two cars equipped with autogas systems.

According to statistical data provided by the police, 12% of road accidents and as much as 25% of all collisions are those involving one car rear-ending another and so we decided to simulate this particular kind of incident. To make the test as close to reality as possible, the engines in both the participating cars were running, and running on autogas.

What was the outcome? How did components of the autogas systems behave? How are autogas systems prepared to prevent danger in extreme road situations in general? You'll find the answers in the latest series of articles coming soon to Stay tuned!

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