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67 LPG-powered car models in Germany

In Germany, one of Europe's biggest autogas markets (nearly 500 thousand LPG-powered cars on the roads), there are 67 models of cars (including various bodystyles) which can be bought with factory or dedicated LPG conversions, as counted and compiled by the DVFG (Deutsche Verband Flüssiggas – German LPG Association).

All of the available autogas-powered cars are offered by brands which are known and renowned in Germany anyway, including Opel, Kia, Hyundai, Ford, Dacia or Lada. Warranty conditions are generally the same as for counterparts running on conventional fuels – petrol or diesel. The Kia Picanto is a "top student” here – its LPG variant, delivered directly from Korea where it is factory-converted, has 7-year warranty.

Opel Astra LPG© OpelOpel probably has more factory-converted models of all manufacturers present in the German market

Speaking of Kia, the brand alone offers as many as 19 models and versions of its cars running on autogas, most of them converted on the spot, in Germany. Included are: the Cee'd GT, featuring a 200 PS engine for a top speed of 230 km/h, the Carens compact van and the Sportage compact SUV, among others.

Kia Picanto's technological twin, the Hyundai i10, assembled in the Korean company's plant in Turkey and factory-converted to run on LPG right there, offers five years of warranty. Apart from the minicar, Hyundai has a range of 21 other models, engine versions and bodystyles available with dedicated autogas systems, fitted at special conversion centres. The line-up includes, but is not limited to, the mid-size i40, the Santa Fe SUV and the sporty Veloster.

Depending on brand and model, conversion cost in Germany can be anything from 1800 to 3700 euros. Average price of autogas across 2014 in Germany was 72 eurocents, which means that – given the car's fuel economy is 10 l/100 km – the conversion cost pays back within 25 to 51 thousand km. Autogas is available throughout Germany at approx. 6900 fuel stations.


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