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3000 CNG taxis coming to New Delhi

Diesel-powered taxis are no longer welcome in India's capital as per Supreme Court verdict. Cab operators are quick with their response – taxi company Ola has already expanded its fleet of vehicles running on CNG with 3000 cars.
Ola Cabs taxis waiting for customers© India TodaySome cities considered large don't have 3000 taxis altogether, but in New Delhi 3000 new taxis are just a fraction of the entire fleet

The ruling took some taxi drivers by surprise, so Ola is in talks with carmakers and dealers to assist them with the transition from diesel- to CNG-powered vehicles. With the addition of 3000 new cars running on methane, nearly 50% of all cabs on the Ola fleet use the greener, cleaner and more affordable gaseous fuel. Also, it is the company's aim to make their taxis available within 5 minutes of ordering anywhere in the city, at any time of day. At the moment Ola has 25000 taxis registered in New Delhi, so the addition of 3000 isn't as spectacular as it may seem on first glance, at least from New Delhi perspective.

As for the Supreme Court ruling, commercial vehicles used in the city are now only allowed to use dedicated CNG fuel systems (100% natural gas, with no bi-fuel or dual-fuel applications as options), with petrol-powered cars and diesels banned from use. This is aimed at improving air quality in the city, which – with a population of over 21 million in the entire metropolitan area – certainly suffers from pollution and needs dire measures to address its problems. We hope in time the ruling spreads to other Indian cities.


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