Renault’s emissions lower thanks to EV's

The Renault Group is the first manufacturer who was able to reach average carbon dioxide emission levels of 115 g/km for cars sold in 2013.
Renault Kangoo Z.E.© gazeo.comRenault Kangoo Z.E.

This result – 114.7 g/km – was published by AAA DATA – Association Auxiliaire de l’Automobile – which is a subsidiary of CCFA – the Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers.

The revised range of cars – including 5 vehicles with emission levels below 100 g CO2/km (Renault Twingo, Clio, Captur and Megane, as well as Dacia Sandero) – and the sale of electric cars have contributed significantly to reaching this average level of emission.

Within one year, the average carbon dioxide emission levels for Renault Group cars decreased from 125.5 g/km to 114.7 g/km, which is almost 11 g/km.

Certainly this is also a result of Renault’s cooperation with Landi Renzo, and the fact that the company’s offer includes LPG-powered Dacia cars.


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