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Peugeot 301 LPG - comes at a price

Peugeot and Citroën have lately announced the addition of LPG-powered variants of their 301 and C-Elysée twin sedans to the brands' Polish lineups. Now the Pug variant gets officially priced and it's more than vaguely suggested that both the cars may soon enter more markets featuring the same LPG technology under their not-so-different skins.
Peugeot 301 LPG© PeugeotAn affordable car should also be easy on the pocket when it comes to maintenance and thanks to a custom-made autogas system it is

Let's stick to the facts for now. In Poland, where the autogas-powered version of the 301 is readily available from dealerships. The car's very basic option (Access), featuring a 72 PS 1,2-litre VTI engine, is priced at 35300 zlotys (below 8500 euros), but autogas systems are only fitted to 301's sporting 1,6-litre, 115 PS motors, available from the second trim level (Active) up. A petrol-only 301 Active can be yours for 45300 zlotys (approx. 10800 euros), a converted one bears a pricetag of 48900 zlotys (some 11700 euros), which means the LPG system itself is worth 4600 zlotys (1100 euros). That's slightly more than 10% of the car's overall price, but it's still an offer worth considering.

Both the Peugeot and the Citroën variants of the low-cost sedan come equipped with autogas systems developed and supplied by Czakram, Polish subsidiary of BRC. They say the conversion technology they came up with may well be used outside of Poland, wherever need for LPG-converted 301's and C-Elysées arises. Should local branches of the PSA decide to introduce the fuel-cost-slashing option to their markets, everything's ready technology-wise and can be easily transferred to another country, including fitting and maintenance methodology. And since cars offering good value for money are still in high demand, we believe Peugeots and Citroëns running on LPG anywhere they're offered are just a matter of time.


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