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Multimedia autogas pump in Great Britain

There are around 1400 autogas refueling stations in the UK. In November 2013, one of them received the country’s first fuel pump with a multimedia screen. Since drivers refill tanks on their own, at least let them enjoy themselves at the same time!
Tokheim Q510 LPG pump with screen at a fuel station© Petrol PlazaRepresentatives of Flogas and Tokheim present the new fuel pump

British autogas market is growing slower that it should be, but is not standing still. The network of filling stations is growing, there are also more drivers who are willing to save some money by using LPG. That’s why some stations that offer autogas want to have something special for their customers. It seems like a regular fuel pump is not enough these days.

Flogas (fuel supplier) and Tokheim (fuel pump manufacturer) started working together and the result of their cooperation is a device known as the Quantum 510 LPG, this particular example located at one of Britain’s stations. It is a modular design fuel pump that offers a broad spectrum of possibilities – it may be free-standing or integrated into a multi-fuel unit, as well as equipped with additional accessories, depending on requirements, e.g. a payment terminal. This newly-installed device also has a 17-inch VGA screen.

But what for? Well, the process of refueling your car can drag on forever, especially if the LPG tank is big and you have to spend a while pushing the button that opens the fuel flow. So why not let the weary drivers watch something? We wouldn’t expect blockbusters, though. Rather some ads. This distributor does not include a payment terminal, so you have to go to the pay desk anyway. Once you’re there, you can always buy something you’ve just seen advertised on the screen, if the ad was convincing enough.

Such solutions are not exactly new, but in countries like Poland, where self-service had not been possible at LPG stations until recently, there was no point in introducing such novelties. Now that Polish drivers can refuel their LPG tanks themselves and more and more stations actually decide to allow them to do so (although they don’t have to), such devices may soon start to appear in Poland and other countries. Modern-day technology even makes it possible to scan the driver’s face, determine his or her sex and based on this, choose a better matched and therefore potentially more effective advertisement. Big Brother is watching you everywhere, even at your LPG station!


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