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Landi Renzo's joint venture in Uzbekistan

Uzavtosanoat (an Uzbek carmaker) and Landi Renzo (manufacturer of LPG and CNG fuel systems) have formed a joint venture company to produce automotive gas supply systems in the Asian country together.

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The number of NGV's (natural gas vehicles) in Uzbekistan is estimated at over 310 thousand, largely due to the fact that a state-controlled CNG conversion programme has been in operation since 2007. According to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2011 Uzbekistan was the third largest natural gas producer in Eurasia (after Russia and Turkmenistan), with confirmed resources of 1,84 trillion (1,84 x 1012) cubic metres of the fuel remaining.

The systems will be CNG ones, since the fuel is considerably popular in Uzbekistan (see frame on the right). The new company is headquartered in the Navoi province, particularly in the region's Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone (Navoi FIEZ).

The joint venture is poised to manufacture up to 25 thousand CNG conversion kits per year. Initially components will be imported from Italy, but over time the share of locally-produced parts will be increased. New workplaces will be created accordingly. Investment in the business will be approx. 1,8 million dollars in the first stage.

The Navoi FIEZ has been established to support high-tech equipment manufacturing, using modern and highly efficient assembly lines machinery as well as latest logistics solutions and tax incentives. Having started in 2012, the economic zone will remain active for 30 years, with possible extension should it be necessary to encourage foreign investments in the country beyond the year 2042.


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