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© Fleets and fuels / The historical Fiat 500 Topolino van reminded everyone just how long Landi Renzo has been providing conversion systems to the market poprzednie następne
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Landi Renzo turns 60

Landi Renzo turns 60 © Fleets and fuels

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of its foundation, Landi Renzo has opened a new research and development centre. The new facility is located in Cavriago, near Bologna, Italy, in the proximity of the company's headquarters.

The new Landi Renzo R&D facility features test benches equipped with roller and engine dynamometers. Among them there are devices enabling thorough tests of small engines (for passenger cars and light duty utility vans) and specialist dyno stands for heavy utility vehicle engines. All test benches have been equipped with precise meter systems and devices, enabling detailed emission testing.

Our new R&D Center is unique to the industry. Through its implementation of advanced technology we can continue to develop, test and produce some of the most modern and advanced CNG and LPG alternative fuel systems on the market.

Landi Renzo USA president Andrea Landi

Landi Renzo's new R&D centre in Cavriago, Italy© Fleets and fuelsLandi Renzo's new R&D centre in Cavriago, Italy

Due to the recently growing natural gas supply as a result of developing shale gas excavation technology, Landi Renzo USA concentrates primarily on developing and marketing systems using CNG as motor fuel (also for Diesel engines), while its parent company, Landi Renzo S.p.A. provides both CNG and LPG systems. According to the company itself, Landi Renzo's global alternative fuel system market share is over 30%, with orders delivered on a regular basis to more than 50 countries worldwide.


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