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Hanatech generator with Westport's LPG engine

Hanatech generator with Westport's LPG engine © Westport

Hanatech, a Korean manufacturer of emergency gas generators, specializes in the production of large devices of this type, with power reaching up to 450 kW. They run on biogas – a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, a product of agricultural or municipal waste.

Hanatech generators powered by 22-liter engines are in operation in many parts of the world, producing electrical energy from gases commonly regarded as waste. But when the company entered the Japanese market, it turned out that there was a high demand for the production of electrical energy from much smaller LPG-powered generators. It was then that Hanatech turned to Canadian company Westportfor help.

We have experience manufacturing gas engine generators, but they are big structure engines based on diesel engines. It’s very difficult to but LPG engines in Korea.

Jeong Kyoon, Hanatech CEO

Hanatech generator with a 2.4 liter Westport engine© WestportHanatech generator with a 2.4 liter Westport engine

After the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan in 2011, the country started reconsidering their approach to emergency power. The result was a large demand for LPG-powered generators, used for basic surviving needs by people who had to leave their homes.

Westport has provided Hanatech with an LPG-powered 2.4 liter engine, built on the base of an industrial engine manufactured by Hyundai. Hanatech integrated the engine with a power generator and conducted preliminary tests. The European version of the product will produce 25 kW of power at 50 Hz, whereas the American version will provide 30 kW at 60 Hz.

Hanatech will also develop a generator equipped with a 3.8 liter Westport engine. This generator will provide 40 kW of power at 50 Hz or 50 kW at 60 Hz.

In addition to Japan, Hanatech wants to focus on introducing their products in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.


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