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Fleets say investing in NGV "high priority"

FC Gas Intelligence: new infographic based on a survey sent to 3000+ European NGV industry experts. Results reveal which fuel developers are looking to invest in, which fleet category is most suited to use of natural gas and what percentage of fleets are looking to convert in the near future.
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Recent developments in Europe (EU Commission TEN-T networks, Euro 6 regulations) are leading more and more logistics companies and major distributors to look for lower emission fuels which can cut costs. Natural gas provides a fantastic alternative to diesel – with huge reductions in CO2 emissions available for both methane and biomethane and the significantly lower cost of the fuel, there has never been more reason for fleets to invest.

Survey responses show that the fleet categories most suited to use natural gas as a fuel are heavy duty trucks (31%) and bus fleets (38%). Another well-suited fleet is waste/refuse collection (24%) and respondents saw the least well-suited fleet type as light-duty/passenger vehicles (7%). These categories will be represented at this year’s Natural Gas Vehicles Conference & Exhibiton in Amsterdam (November 25-26). UPS, DHL, Transportes Monfort, Sainsbury’s and KBC Logistics all operate heavy-duty trucking fleets while Reading Buses and Connexxion Buses use CNG for their public transport operations. Infrastructure developers, equipment suppliers and manufacturers also took part in the survey. Their responses revealed that 44% saw liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the main market for growth, compared to just 20% for biogas and 36% for compressed natural gas (CNG).


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