European cars are most eco-friendly

The European Environment Agency has released figures showing that an average emission level for passenger cars is 127g CO2/km. In 1995, European cars were emitting an average of 186g CO2/km, which means that the figure dropped by almost 32%.

European automotive industry declares that it will keep on taking action to further reduce carbon dioxide emission in passenger cars and light trucks. Unfortunately, the most important decisions that ensure the greatest reductions have already been made. Achieving further success in reducing carbon dioxide emission levels will require much greater investment, especially concerning technological processes used in the production of cars.

Thanks to huge efforts by European automobile manufacturers and billions of Euros worth of investment in R&D, Europe’s passenger cars and light commercial vehicles are the cleanest in the world.

Today, the automotive sector is on the right path to bringing down CO2 emissions to the levels required by the regulations. It should be noted that the legislation sets targets which become effective from one day to the next. Obviously, manufacturers have to start the process of reaching the targets well in advance. This means that, by the nature of the legislation, a certain degree of “over-achievement” is necessary on route to meeting the targets

Erik Jonnaert, Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)


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