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Caddy EcoFuel - leader on the Swiss CNG market

While the market of new cars in Switzerland declined last year by 6.7% compared to 2012, the number of vehicles powered by CNG and biogas increased by over 10%.
Refueling with natural gas at a CNG station© Erdgas FahrenRefueling with natural gas

In 2013, 1048 CNG-powered cars were sold, which increased the number of CNG-powered cars in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein to 11287. The largest sales number was achieved by Opel (Zafira Tourer and Combo), reaching 27.8% of all CNG-powered vehicles sold. The second place went to Fiat with 25.8% (this company sells gas-powered versions of Panda, Punto, Doblo, Qubo, Fiorino and Ducato), while Volkswagen was third with 24.6% (eco up!, Caddy, Passat and Touran).

The best-selling CNG-powered car in Switzerland was Caddy EcoFuel, with 118 buyers.

The average price of natural gas / biogas in Switzerland remained at the same level throughout 2013. Cost of gas equivalent of 1 liter of petrol was 1.18 CHF on average (1 EUR), which was 30% less than the price of petrol.

Natural gas available in Switzerland contains 20% of biogas, which means that driving a gas-powered car reduces carbon dioxide emission by 40% compared to cars powered by petrol or diesel oil.

The number of stations offering natural gas / biogas in Switzerland increased in 2013 from 135 to 140.


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