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AEGPL Congress 2014 - first impressions

FLESZ AEGPL Congress 2014 - first impressions ©

This year's AEGPL Congress took place in Genoa, Italy. More than a thousand delegates from 35 countries took the opportunity to discuss the state of LPG affairs in Europe and worldwide. Before we thoroughly cover the event for you, let us share some first impressions.

As usual, the conference part of the congress was accompanied by an exhibition of latest products and services from the LPG industry. And so there were autogas systems, autogas tanks and domestic LPG bottles, as well as LPG sales services and distribution, storage and transport solutions. Included were also applications rarely associated with liquefied gas, such as lawnmowers. For more on what was there to see in Genoa, see our sizzling hot photo coverage in the gallery attached. And be sure to come back for our full coverage soon!


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