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World LPG Forum 2013 - final straight

October 3 is the 26th World LP Gas Forum's third and final day. Spirits are up, however – the first two days were filled with fruitful discussions and so the third one promises to be much more than just waiting for the event to close shop.

Today's highlight is the Opportunities in the Developing Markets: Eye on Africa session. Indeed, the Dark Continent seems to be boiling with untapped potential and could soon become the driving force behind LPG's further global expansion, both in terms of autogas and domestic use (e. g. cooking). And then there's session three, Making A World of Difference!, bound to present the positive changes brought about in our lives by LPG's broadening range of applications. Later still, as the event will near its end, invitations will be made for next year's editions of World LP Gas Forum (to be held in Miami, USA, along with the AIGLP Congress) and AEGPL Congress (Genoa, Italy). But that's the more distant future and our coverage from the 2013 Forum is going to come much sooner – don't miss it!


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