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World LP Gas Forum, London 2013 - the climax

Day two of the liquefied petroleum gas sector's biggest and most important event – the 26th World LP Gas Forum in London – is upon us. Looks like it's going to be a particularly interesting one, also because it is today that autogas-related topics will be discussed.

October 2, the Forum's second and middle day, is the time of grand and meaningful meetings and talks. First, roundtable discussion titled 2030 - A World of Difference? started to try and establish the shape of things to come. What will be the energy market like in 17 years and what role will LPG play in it? It may be too early to determine anything, but we're optimistic about it. Later, at 2 o'clock, session titled Autogas – Exceptional Energy on the Move is scheduled to begin. It will feature case studies from LPG as motor fuel markets all over the world – both mature and developing ones. And yet these are but fractions of what the Forum has in stock for today...


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