Silvretta 2013 – Volkswagen’s triumph

At the beginning of July in the Austrian region of Montafon the 2013 edition of the Silvretta rally was held, in which the first two spots were taken by electrically-powered Volkswagen e-up!'s.
Volkswagen XL1 at Silvretta 2013 rally© VolkswagenThe XL1 at Silvretta's finish line

E-up!'s won in the general standings of electric cars, but VW's models also won the top four places in the efficiency standings. The first place went to Volkswagen XL1, the next three were taken by Volkswagen e-up!'s, which confirms that they are suitable for use in all sorts of conditions.

Vehicles' energy efficiency was rated on the second day of the rally. Volkswagen XL1 won first place with a score of 0,655 liters per 100 km, which was much lower than the figure given by the manufacturer (0,9 l/100 km). Two of the teams competing in the e-up! achieved energy consumption of 9,9 kWh/100 km, which is also a result below the declared value (11,7 kWh/100 km). Yet another e-up! came fourth.

Three following stages (110, 119 and 135 km of length, respectively) had a difference in ascent/descent of 2000 m and showed that Volkswagen's electric vehicles are very effective, thanks to (among others) recovered energy generated during the downhill slopes.

The XL1 is the most advanced vehicle in Volkswagen's lineup today. Its body, made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, weighs only 795 kg. It is also well-formed in terms of aerodynamics, with drag coefficient of as low as 0,189.

The Volkswagen e-up! uses a variety of innovative technological solutions that allows weight reduction. The car weighs in at only 1139 kg. The vehicle is also optimized in terms of aerodynamics and the use of tires with reduced rolling resistance.

The outstanding energy efficiency of VW's electric and hybrid cars is also the result of a thoroughly thought out strategy of energy recovery system and proper management of heating and air conditioning.


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Piotr Złoty
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