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Safe LPG project - the final countdown

Modern autogas systems are very safe. More than 2,7 million LPG-powered cars on Polish roads prove this more than anything. Every seventh car registered in Poland is fueled with LPG. Even so, many drivers are skeptical about autogas and fear it is not safe to use as a petrol substitute.
Safe LPG - the car is being set on fire© gazeo.comFire has been set and the converted, LPG-powered Escort is burning. Want to see what happened next? The answer is coming - exclusively at!

This is precisely why we decided to use the simplest, yet the most spectacular method available to prove that all concerns regarding LPG's safety record are not based on any solid foundations. Our aim is to examine a car converted to run on autogas under extreme conditions by putting it to a fire test. Also, we are going to perform ballistic tests on LPG tanks. We will show what happens to an autogas system in a vehicle on fire and to tanks subject to rifle fire. All the above goes to show how safe LPG is as motor fuel.

The Safe LPG project, undertaken by with the assistance and cooperation from the Military Institute for Armouring and Automotive Technology (Wojskowy Instytut Techniki Pancernej i Samochodowej or WITPiS for short), the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service (Komenda Główna Państwowej Straży Pożarnej – KG PSP), was supported by the companies Barter, Landi Renzo and STAKO. Thanks to the participation of Poland's largest military R&D institution and its experienced scientists, we were able to perform all our tests safely and to collect valuable media material, which will enable us to present the results broadly and thoroughly.

Please feel free to visit the dedicated Safe LPG section of and see what we found out at the firing ground. Let the countdown commence...


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