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Marco Brioschi's double victory

On the weekend of September 14-15, 2013, another round of the BRC Green Hybrid Cup (LPG-electric Kia Venga racing series) was held on the Vallelunga circuit, 32 km North of Rome. Both races of the weekend were dominated by the same contestant.
BRC Hybrid Cup's Vallelunga round's winners© BRC Green Hybrid CupAnd the winners are: Marco Brioschi (1), Jimmy Ghione (2) and Giampaolo Tenchini (3)

As the title already suggests, the winner of both races was Marco Brioschi. He had already demonstrated good form in the qualifications, finishing second, after Jimmy Ghione. Formula 1 veteran Arturo Merzario came third and the leader of both general and Junior standings, Alessandra Brena, was fifth. The second training ended in pretty much the same way, with Ghione winning and Brioschi, Merzario, Paolo Gnemmi and Brena following.

The official qualifying run was again dominated by Jimmy Ghione, who took the pole position for the first race. Marco Brioschi started alongside with him from the first row, while Alessandra Brena qualified for a starting position in the fourth row.

When the race started, Ghione managed to stay in the lead, followed by Giampaolo Tenchini, Marco Brioschi and Alberto Carobbio. Brioschi pushed hard and overtook Tenchini after the first lap to pursue Ghione. Tenchini, Brena and Merzario battled over the third position, while Carobbio collided with Giuseppe Gulizia and was out of the race. In lap eight Brioschi finally succeeded in overtaking Ghione and took the lead, not to give it up until finish. Ghione defended his second spot, Giampaolo Tenchini came third, Merzario fourth and Brena fifth.

Marco Brioschi and Jimmy Ghione© BRC Green Hybrid CupRivals on the track, Marco Brioschi and Jimmy Ghione are friends outside it

As customary for the series, the starting order for the second run was a reversed version of the finishing order from the first race. And so the pole position was taken by Giuseppe Gulizia, and the second spot by Andrea Portatadino. They were followed by Jimmy Ghione, Jacopo Lombardelli and Alessandra Brena. The latter two collided on the first lap and were out of the race. Gulizia yielded to Ghione in lap six and soon was also overtaken by Brioschi. He remained on Ghione's back for most of the race and managed to overtake him on the penultimate lap to take his second victory of the weekend. Ghione ultimately finished second and regained his chances to top the season's general standings since Alessandra Brena failed to complete the race and won no points. Still, she leads the general standings and remains the series' only woman.

General standings (for both drivers and teams) after 6 rounds (11 races) of the BRC Green Hybrid Cup are as follows:

Driver general standings:Team general standings:
1. Alessandra Brena 2001. Rotopim168
2. Jimmy Ghione1942. Giannitti154
3. Andrea Portatadino1583. Tunap130
4. Marco Brioschi1584. Campress106
5. Jacopo Lombardelli1205. Gemini Project100
6. Lorenzo Veglia 866. MTE Friends100
7. Alberto Carobbio827. Valgrana100
8. Alberto Viberti 648. DHL94
9. Arturo Merzario629. Indra88
10. Paolo Gnemmi 6210. Lavazza86
11. Giuseppe Gulizia5011. Punto Gas84
12. Feerruccio Fontanella4612. Pack Service54
13. Giampaolo Tenchini4013. STAKO Worthington54
14. Paolo Strabello3814. Tumedei Gulf50
15. Luca Demarchi3015. Mondial F.A.C.E.R.T. - Alpress48
16. Mario Beltrami20  
17. Paolo Palanti20  
18. Eugenio Mosca18
19. Fulvio Maria Ballabio16
20. Alberto Sabbatini10
21. Luca Danese6
22. Marco Ravinale4
23. Severino Nardozi2
24. Andrea Tonella0
25. Dario Bertorello0
26. Luca Filippi0
27. Piero Mertoli0


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