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Landi Renzo to deliver CNG systems to Bolivia

Bolivian goverment expands a pilot project of converting diesel-powered vehicles to CNG, which initially included adaptation of 400 vehicles to run on natural gas in Santa Cruz.

Currently, thanks to the actions of the authorities, the project is being expanded. The government of Bolivia had modified applicable provisions of the law in such a way that the import of conversion kits for CNG systems will be tax-free and diesel-to-CNG conversions will be financed from special funds.

In mid-June 2013, an agreement for the supply of conversion components was signed. Bolivian government, represented by Minister for Energy (Ministerio Hidrocarburos y Energía) Juan Jose Sosa, signed a contract for the supply of 25 thousand conversion kits for CNG and 30 thousand tanks with companies from Italy and Brazil. Kits will be delivered by Landi Renzo, the Italian leader in the production of automotive LPG- and CNG-injection systems. Tanks will come from the Brazilian company Mat.

The contract was signed at the headquarters of the ministry in La Paz. The ceremony was attended by the minister and Hernán Vega, executive director of the institution responsible for the conversion (Entidad Ejecutora and Conversion de Gas Natural Vehicular – EEC-GNV), as well as representatives of the manufacturers involved. Landi Renzo was represented by Andrea Taglianini and Mat by Jorge Matuy and Luis Fernando Genary.

According to EEC-GNV, over 34 thousand vehicles are going to be converted in 2013. Until June, 13104 conversions were carried out, which is 38% of the number planned for this year.

The government-funded CNG conversion project began in 2010, when 3450 cars were converted. The following year there were 13990 conversions and in 2012 – as many as 30470.


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