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Green Hybrid Cup 2013 - officially official

The 2013 edition of the Italian racing championship for alternatively fuelled vehicles is taking shape. The series will now change and apply some new regulations, including racing outside of Italy for the first time in the cup's history.
Green Scout Cup 2012© Green Hybrid CupIn the 2012 season, the cars were fuelled exclusively with LPG and the series was called the Green Scout Cup

The official inauguration of the 2013 season, including introduction of teams, drivers and sponsors, took place on April 20, 2013 at the BRC Racing Team's (which is the company preparing cars for the cup) headquarters in Cherasco, in the presence of the series' other organiser. i. e. Kia of Italy.

Season 2013 kicked off at the beginning of May, with the first race held at the Misano Adriatico circuit on May 4-5. The May 25-26 round in Istambul has been, unfortunately, called off, but instead another will be held at Franciacorta, Italy, on May 18-19. The next run, planned for June 22-23, will take place on the legendary Nürburgring, Germany and then the following one will see the series return to Italy, with the July 13-14 one to be held at Mugello near Florence. In August (on 3-4) LPG racers will come to Poznan to compete at that city's track. Afterwards, they will return to Italy for the season's two final rounds – Vallelunga on September 14-15 and Varano on October 5-6.

Let us now have a look at the drivers. Apart from last year's winner, Jimmy Ghionne, the cup will feature, among others, Arturo Merzario (a former Formula 1 driver, who was one of the four drivers to help Niki Lauda get out of his burning car after he crashed during the 1976 Grand Prix Germany), Paolo Gnemmi, Paolo Palanti, Mario Beltrami, Jacopo Lombardelli, Giuseppe Gulizia, the 17-year-old Alessandra Brena, Fulvio Maria Ballabio, Dario Bertorello, Andrea Portatadino, Marco Brioschi, Paolo Strabello, Alberto Carobbio, Lorenzo Veglia and Ferruccio Fontanella.

As for the changes of the cup's formula, 2013 is the first year in the series' history that hybrid cars are used, hence the change of the name from the former Green Scout Cup to Green Hybrid Cup. 15 Kia Vengas powered by an LPG-electric hybrid drive compete this season to win the trophy. Who will win? That remains to be seen, but we will keep you informed, so stay tuned.


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