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BRC Green Hybrid Cup - fight until the end

On the weekend of October 5-6, 2013, this season's final round of the BRC Hybrid Cup was held on the Varano circuit in Italy. The 2013 season proved revolutionary to the cup, as for the first time 2 rounds were held outside of its native country.

To be specific, one of them was held on the famous Nürburgring circuit, Germany, and the other – on the Poznan Circuit in Poland. The remaining rounds were held on various Italian tracks. However, the two "foreign” rounds proved very successful and will be also held next season, at least as far as the Poznan round is concerned.

Winners of the 2013 BRC Green Hybrid Cup© BRC Green Hybrid CupWinners of the 2013 BRC Green Hybrid Cup (left to right): Jimmy Ghione (2), Alessandra Brena (winner) and Marco Brioschi (3)

The first training session was won by Jimmy Ghione, who achieved lap time of 1:34,123 min on wet track. Jacopo Lombardelli came second and Arturo Merzario, an F1 veteran, was third. Marco Brioschi managed to come right behind the top three, with newcomer Marco Costamagna following in fifth. As for session two, Alessandra Brena, leader of general, women's and junior standings, was the fastest at 1:28,379 min. Marco Costamagna, Jacopo Lombardelli and Andrea Portatadino followed.

Jacopo Lombardelli came first in qualifications for the first racing run at 1:27,692 min. Jimmy Ghione stood beside him on the starting line, with Alessandra Brena and Marco Costamagna behind them. When the race commenced (in rainy conditions), Ghione remained in the lead for the first 3 laps, followed by Brena, Lombardelli and Portatadino. Ghione ultimately won, with Brena coming second, Marco Brioschi third, Jacopo Lombardelli fourth and Fulvio Ballabio fifth.

For the second race, also run in the rain, Giuseppe Gulizia and Andrea Portatadino started from the first row. Portatadino and Ballabio soon managed to overtake Gulizia, while Jimmy Ghione fell to tenth position. Alessandra Brena took no chances and drove safely and steadily in the fifth. Ultimately, Andrea Portatadino won, coming before Marco Brioschi and Paolo Palanti. Incidentally, the latter was awarded extra points for the fastest lap. Brena, coming fourth, secured an Italian championship for drivers of alternative energy-powered cars. Being the only woman in the cup, she also topped the women's standings and junior standings (not until November 2013 will she turn 18). Jimmy Ghione, last year's winner, was second entire season-wise and Marco Brioschi third.

As for team standings, Rotopim won, having beaten Giannitti and Tunap. Last year's winners, STAKO Worthington, came 12th this season.

General standings for the 2013 season:

1. Alessandra Brena 2401. Rotopim168
2. Jimmy Ghione2322. Giannitti156
3. Marco Brioschi2043. Tunap146
4. Andrea Portatadino1944. Indra134
5. Jacopo Lombardelli1485. DHL132
6. Lorenzo Veglia866. MTE Friends132
7. Alberto Carobbio847. Lavazza126
8. Alberto Viberti648. Campress114
9. Giuseppe Gulizia649. Valgrana106
10. Paolo Gnemmi6410. Gemini Project100
11. Arturo Merzario6211. Punto Gas100
12. Paolo Palanti5212. STAKO Worthington82
13. Feerruccio Fontanella4613. Pack Service56
14. Giampaolo Tenchini4014. Tumedei Gulf50
15. Paolo Strabello3815. Mondial F.A.C.E.R.T. - Alpress48
16. Fulvio Maria Ballabio32
17. Luca Demarchi30
18. Mario Beltrami20
19. Eugenio Mosca18
20. Marco Costamagna16
21. Alberto Sabbatini10
22. Luca Danese10
23. Marco Ravinale4
24. Severino Nardozi2
25. Andrea Tonella0
26. Dario Bertorello0
27. Luca Filippi0
28. Piero Mertoli0


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