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26th World LP Gas Forum - bring it on!

The LPG sector worldwide has been waiting eagerly for this event to start since the beginning of the year – the 26th World LP Gas Forum was opened in London today. This year's edition is probably the greatest and grandest LPG-related event ever held.

Day one was inaugurated with the Global Technology Conference, during which the latest technological achievements and advancements were presented. Later on, the accompanying exhibition has been launched to showcase them "in the flesh”, along with products and services already known and renowned. As for the afternoon, conference sessions hosted by the UKLPG were on the agenda, including one titled Opportunities for Developed Markets. A representative of is there on the spot to cover this interesting and highly important event – with a focus on autogas – so we will keep you up to date with all the highlights of the 2013 World LP Gas Forum. Follow us!


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