22.10.2012 comes to life!

We might be new to you, but we have not come out of the blue. We are proud to announce the birth of – a Web platform dedicated to LPG, CNG and all sorts of eco-friendly, affordable fuels and drivetrains. Join us for latest news from the realm of green motoring!
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Original was established nearly five years ago and has since become a reliable resource for those seeking information from the field of autogas, compressed natural gas, hybrids, EV's and all sorts of alternative motor fuels and drivetrains. Our thorough, in-depth approach attracts everyone interested – from the average driver, to the mainstream media journalist, to the engineer. We pride ourselves in being the source of choice when it comes to autogas as we have it all – news, road tests, interviews, event coverage and lots more.

Today, almost five years after the introduction of in Poland, we are going worldwide. Our aim is to present autogas- and generally alternative fuel-related news from all over the globe, as well as give you an insight into one of the world’s largest markets of LPG as automotive fuels – Poland. We hope and wish to become your reliable, up-to-date resource whenever you need information concerning new LPG systems, debuting cars equipped with ex-factory autogas systems, technology and maintenance guidance, etc. Bookmark and join our newsletter for regular updates! Welcome and come back often!


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