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Gas from the dealership: Hyundai i20 LPG

Hyundai Motor Poland and Czakram (the Polish importer and distributor of BRC) signed an understanding, thanks to which quite soon it will be possible to buy a brand new i20 with a fully guaranteed autogas system.
LPG-powered Hyundais strike back! Hopefully we will see more© HyundaiThe i20 is quite a looker, now optionally a thrifty one

The i20's to be equipped with BRC Sequent24 LPG injection systems are motivated by 1,2 litre, 85 PS engines. They will have 47-litre (39 l useful capacity) toroidal tanks made by Polish company STAKO and fitted into the spare wheel wells, under the boot floor. Just like the rest of the car, the autogas system will be covered by a 5-year warranty. All service and maintenance required by the LPG equipment will be done by Hyundai's official service stations. Conversions, however, will be carried out by Czakram at Hyundai's Logistics Centre. The first batch of cars is set to include 200 vehicles, although larger quantities are possible in the future.

Hyundai and Czakram have been cooperating on and off since 2001. It was then that first autogas-powered models – including Getz, Accent, Lantra and Santa Fe – appeared. Over 1500 LPG systems were fitted – both officially, by the Hyundai headquarters, and locally, by individual dealers. The years 2004 and 2005 were particularly successful. BRC representatives hope the cooperation will expand to include all of the Korean brand's models.

The price of the LPG i20 is yet to be revealed, but is supposed to be an attractive one. Just like the price of autogas, which remains by over 50 per cent cheaper than petrol!


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