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Polish companies from the autogas sector sure are ambitious – most of them operate far beyond the borders of their homeland. Alex from Bialystok is a good example in this case, as in November alone the firm will exhibit at three fair in Europe, North America and Asia.
Autogas systems for simple cars always sell in highest volumes© AlexThe Optima ECO-TEC system is Alex's potential worldwide bestseller

First, Alex will head for as far as Thailand to attend the NGV Bangkok 2012, which is going to be held between November 1-3. This major Southeast Asian event consists of a conference and an exhibition and will be dedicated to natural gas as motor fuel. Next up is the NGV Global 2012 Mexico (November 8-10) – this year's edition of a biennial conference and exhibition that „travels” and is each time held in a different place. And while the Thai show is more of a regional one, this one is global and thus a brilliant opportunity to show a company's products. Last but not least, Alex will be present at the Autogas Expo Athens event in Greece (November 23-25). This international exhibition will revolve around both LPG and CNG as alternative automotive fuels and will be aimed at both installers and individual drivers.

The company from Bialystok will bring its latest range of products to each exhibition. It includes the Shark reducer, the Barracuda injector and a few variations of the Optima sequential gas injection system, e. g. the ECO-TEC version for 4-cylinder engines only and the PRO-TEC for 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder motors. Apparently, Alex aims to make its brand name recognisable worldwide and explore those remote markets where gaseous fuels are still moderately popular, but there is significant potential for growth. Certainly, November is going to be a busy month for Alex. May it also be a fruitful one!


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Robert Markowski
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