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Goodbye GasShow, welcome Warsaw Gas Days!

The annual GasShow LPG/CNG/LNG fair and conference is changing into Warsaw Gas Days, set to take place on March 14-15, 2018 at the Novotel Centre hotel in Warsaw, Poland. Does the change mark the comback of the Gas Forum formula?
Warsaw Gas Days 2018© Idea AheadThe king is dead, long live the king!

As already suggested above, the name isn't the only part of the event that has undergone makeover. In fact, the new name just signals the deeper structural change of the entire event. First of all, it has been moved from the Friday/Saturday to a Wednesday/Thursday format. Also, Warsaw Gas Days will take place earlier in the year than GasShow did and at a different location, abandoning GasShow's longtime home of EXPO XXI exhibition centre. However, just as its predecessor did, the new event will comprise three parts: a fair, a conference and an afterparty.

Apart from refreshing the event's format, the changes are meant to push it towards a more b2b-oriented audience, although it remains open to everyone interested in the LPG/CNG/LNG sector and involved in the gaseous fuels business. The venue and its location, in direct proximity of the Centrum tube station and the Central railway station, are expected to attract more foreign guests than before, providing new business opportunities.

Just as in the case of GasShow before, the focal point of Warsaw Gas Days will be the fair. The new venue should provide a friendlier, more intimate surrounding for displaying products and services, at the same time reducing costs of preparing booths and stands. The revised format should also impact the profile of speakers and attendants of the accompanying conference.

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