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2017 Forum Flüssiggas

The German LPG Association (DVFG) is holding a two-day conference to discuss the current state of affairs related to LPG and the future of Germany's most popular alternative fuel. There's still time to join the event!
2017 Forum Flüssiggas© DVFGGermany is a growing LPG market - join the Forum to learn more about it!

After a period of stagnation, the LPG market in Germany is blossoming again, at least in the sector of autogas. The 2017 Forum Flüssiggas conference, this time taking place in Würzburg on November 8-9, 2017, will be the place to discuss the direction liquefied petroleum gas should take in the near and more distant future and not just in Germany, but Europe in general (and even beyond). If you're professionally interested in the fuel and its applications, be sure to attend.

This year's agenda includes:

  • mobile machines applications of LPG;
  • new federal emissions regulations regarding LPG;
  • cyber attacks and the LPG industry;
  • the heating market;
  • new LPG applications in the USA.

Also, there will be an evening reception for speakers and attendees after day one. You can have a look at the details of the programme by downloading it (German only), you can also register and get more information from the official website.


  • LPG and CNG cars
  • Hybrids and EV's
  • News and tips

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