WLPGA Asia Autogas Summit - for air's sake

On December 3, 2012, WLPGA (World LPG Association) is holding a special workshop in Hong Kong, dedicated to promoting autogas in Asia. The time and place of this event are everything but a coincidence – the 2012 Better Air Quality climate conference follows suit. The summit's motto is Autogas: An Exceptional Opportunity for Asia.
The busier a city, the better autogas provesfot. WLPGAAutogas taxis set an example for others to follow

Both events, i. e. the WLPGA Asia Autogas Summit and the 2012 Better Air Quality meeting, are closely linked – all attendees of the climate conference can participate in the WLPGA summit free of charge. This is supposed to highlight the role and potential of autogas as a means of improving air quality in cities, especially in such huge and busy ones as Hong Kong. The meeting is supported by CAI-Asia (Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities), an organisation also making efforts to make city air more breathable.

Regardless of the climate conference starting right after the summit, Hong Kong is the place to talk about autogas for it was there over a decade ago that the government decreed to have all taxis and passenger vans converted (or rather replaced) from diesel to LPG. This was obviously meant to make air cleaner and people healthier and proved a huge success, cited as a case study all over the world. And it is a case in point, too, since not long ago the WHO (World Health Organisation) announced the results of a research indicating that diesel fumes are carcinogenic. Autogas advocates now have another strong argument up their sleeves.

At the WLPGA Asia Autogas Summit, more case studies are going to be presented and debated, including ones from outside Asia, in order to showcase the financial and health benefits of replacing conventional motor fuels with LPG. Speakers from South Korea (still one of the world's major autogas markets), Philippines and Bangladesh will talk about local experience and success stories, willing to share and inspire others. And last but not least, there is going to be a round-table discussion on how to further promote autogas in Asia. As a follow-up, a visit to one of Hong Kong's largest and busiest LPG fueling stations is planned for December 4. The place is no doubt swarming with landmark red cabs, all running on autogas for everybody's well-being.

Details concerning the event can be found on WLPGA's website and is the summit's media partner.


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Robert Markowski
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