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Taiwan LPG Forum 2016

LPG use is growing all over the world and Far East is no exception here. This is why a summit is coming to Taiwan to allow discussion of local prospects and challenges for the world's most popular alternative fuel.
Taiwan LPG Forum 2016© All Events GroupThere's plenty to talk about when it comes to LPG in Taiwan. Don't hesitate and register to participate in the forum today!

With an annual demand hovering at 2.5 million metric tonnes every year, the LPG industry in Taiwan is very mature and has reached saturation point and LPG demand has been falling steadily by 1-2% every year as piped natural gas replaces LPG use. However, as energy needs are complex, LPG will still play an important role in Taiwan’s energy mix and the proper management of the natural gas/LPG ratio in Taiwan is very important to ensure energy security and continued access to energy for economic growth.

This discussion however, is not evident in Taiwan’s energy policy and there is no clear direction from the government about the future of LPG/NG in Taiwan. The LPG Taiwan Forum is thus a timely response to ensuring the sustainable development of LPG in Taiwan, by providing a convenient platform to meet and address key issues for sustainable LPG growth in the region.

For more information regarding the event, head to the official website. is a media partner of the forum.


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