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St. Petersburg Gas Forum 2015

The Gas Forum in St. Petersburg initiated its history in 2011. The priority of the forum is to create an appropriate place for effective interaction for gas industry leaders.
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This year the  St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, organized by Expoforum and Farexpo, will be held for the fifth time. On October 6-9 all participants should visit the International Convention and Exhibition Centre EXPOFORUM in St. Petersburg, where the forum will took place in its 2015 edition.

There is no doubt that The Gas Forum could be called the unique event for the gas industry in Russia: aside from a great exhibition agenda, there is also the accompanying congress, where leaders of the gas industry can meet, share experience and discuss latest technologies.

Key topics of the congress agenda include:

  • Service and infrastructure for the gas industry,
  • Gaseous motor fuel as a factor of economic efficiency in cargo transport,
  • Global trends and policy in the gas sector,
  • Evolving role of LPG and its share in the future world energy balance.

These and many various other issues will be discussed during the meeting. And now, some facts and figures about The Gas Forum 2014: over 7000 professional visitors, 339 exhibitors from 26 countries, more than 1500 delegates from 25 countries – these impressive numbers confirm the magnificence of the St. Petersburg Gas Forum! is a media partner of the 5th St. Petersburg Gas Forum in Russia, so we will keep you up to date with the event.

More information concerning the Gas Forum can be found at the official website.


Structure of St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2015

As we informed you earlier, between October 6-9 a great event will be held – the St. Petersburg  International Gas Forum, where leaders of the gas industry will discuss future of the gas sector and three specialized exhibitions dedicated to the gas industry will take place. We would like to give you a closer look at the structure of each part of the forum.

One of them is the 4th International Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals, key subjects such as global tendencies and state policy in the gas industry, resource base for the largest gas projects and key aspects of their realization, gas engine fuel as the factor of economical efficiency of freight traffic, service and infrastructure for the gas industry and ecological aspects of the gas industry will be discussed.

Secondly, the the 3rd International Specialized Exhibition INGAS STREAM 2015 – INNOVATIONS IN THE GAS INDUSTRY. This exhibition will show the effective next generation technologies, products, goods and services necessary for the gas industry. The exhibition will showcase products of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment of all levels and branches of the gas industry: from exploration and transport to processing and usage of natural gas.

Next up is the 2nd International Specialized Exhibition GAS ENGINE FUEL. This exhibition is dedicated to designing, construction and equipment of gas filling stations and automatic compressor station gas fillers, conversion kits, machinery and equipment using liquefied hydrocarbon gasses, compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas as engine fuels, automobile gas machinery diagnostic systems and instruments.

Last but not least comes the 19th International Specialized Exhibition of natural gas industry and technology for gas facility «ROS-GAZ-EXPO 2015», devoted to demonstration of achievements in the area of construction, maintenance and reconstruction of gas pipeline system and gas consumption.

As you can see, the structure and agenda is very attractive. Don't hesitate any longer and get an e-ticket right now! The forum is supported by federal and regional authorities – Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and administration of St. Petersburg, as well as Russian and foreign industry associations.


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