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South Asia LP Gas Summit 2014

According to the World Energy Special Report, the countries of Southeast Asia are richer in natural gas than they are in oil. Gas plays a key role in the national energy balance in the region.

For over 50 years in Asia LP Gas has been successfully used as a transport fuel. It is a very good alternative for traditional transport fuels – LP Gas is cleaner and helps reduce street air pollution.

To discuss the main issues, the current situation and perspectives for the market, experts from the industry will meet during the South Asia LP Gas Summit. The main themes of the meeting will be :

  • Cooking for life
  • WLPGA Asia Auto Gas Summit
  • Household Air Pollution

Let us focus on the second point – the WLPGA Asia Auto Gas Summit, World LP Gas Association's initiative promoting LPG as a cleaner fuel for transportation. The agenda includes two topics: Autogas in Asia – The story and Autogas – A game changer for urban city street air quality. Come and hear from the policy makers, the designers and operators of Autogas stations in the region and stakeholders from the autogas business about the challenges they faced and goals they achieved.

This year the South Asia LP Gas Summit will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka between 17-19 November. To find more information about the event, visit the official website. is a media partner of the summit.


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