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Russia’s LPG market - New Development Horizons

Very soon, on December 3-4, 2015, a conference dedicated to the Russian LPG market and its prospects for future growth will take place. This will be the event's 6th edition in its history and actually it will be devoted to more countries than just Russia.

One of the key topics on the conference’s agenda is the distribution of LPG flows on the domestic market between the end-users such as petrochemical plants, independent gas fuel stations, gasoline and LPG filling stations. LPG exports vs internal supplies, the rouble’s fall influence on LPG prices will be also in the focus of the conference’s discussions. Other topics on the agenda are:

  • LPG production and exports in Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • Assessment of Russia’s LPG prices volatility;
  • Analysis of LPG wholesale and retail prices in Russia;
  • Customs policy. Tariffs on LPG. Prospects for their growth in 2015–2019;
  • Efficiency of LPG use in boiler stations;
  • Peculiarities of LPG transportation: international requirements;
  • LPG use in autonomous heating in Siberia and Russia’s Far East.

Among regular participants of the conference are: Gazprom, LUKOIL, Belarusneft, Rosneft, Gazprom gasenergoset, SIBUR, Gasprom Trans, Itochu, Irkutsk Oil Company, RN-Trans, M-trade, Russia’s Energy Ministry, Morstroytekhnology, Novatek, Novosibirsk Oil&Gas refinery, OilTrade, United Petrochemical Company, Petroleum Trading, SG-Trans, Severgasholding, SPIMEX, Trans-Oil, Ufaoil, FAS, Eastern Gas. Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Energy are also said to participate. is a media partner of the event. Details concerning the agenda, registration or accommodation opportunities are available from the organisers.


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