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Pacific Rim LNG Summit 2016

Set to take place on June 15-16, 2016, in Tokyo, the Pacific Rim LNG Summit is the only strategic and commercial event committed to open dialogue and networking among the LNG industry’s most influential decision-makers from Asia, Oceania and North America.

Supported by Japan's LNG and natural gas industry, the summit will revolve around the Pacific Rim as a dynamic region paving the way forward for the LNG industry.

  • Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan are among the largest LNG consumers;
  • Australia, Papua New Guinea, Canada and the US are new suppliers, ever growing in strength;
  • Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines are markets with emerging demand;
  • Singapore, Japan, China and others work towards new LNG hubs and new pricing and stock exchange indices.

The summit's agenda's highlights include:

  • Supply and demand dynamics: buyer hesitation to enter long-term contracts vs supplier requirements for certainty to invest in Greenfield projects: how do suppliers and buyers move beyond the current impasse?
  • New supplies: are the new wave of supplies game-changing? What are the project updates from Western Canada and United States?
  • New markets: where will the next round of LNG demand come from in the region? Where are the new opportunities to collaborate?
  • Investment: who funds the infrastructure to fulfil predicted demand growth post-2020?
  • Shipping: what will be the effect of the widening of the Panama Canal and emerging Arctic shipping routes?
  • Pricing and indices: Japan and China join Singapore in the race to become Asian LNG hub – what, if any, is the most desirable? Are new pricing and LNG indices feasible?
  • Deregulation: what does liberalization of Japan’s power market mean for the domestic natural gas industry?
  • Portfolio optimisation: where does LNG lie in the energy mix for the end-users – particularly Japanese utilities?

For details concerning the programme or to register for the event, do not hesitate to visit the official website or contact the organisers. is a media partner of the event.


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