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Oil&nonoil 2014

Verona – a picturesque Italian city well-known from Shakespeare’s plays – will host an exhibition dedicated to fuel and gas depot and transport industry. It will be a great venue for sharing information, ideas, know-how and discussing topics related to fuels and transport industry. Also, it is a great opportunity to establish new business contacts and learn more about the market. Oil&nonoil 2014 will run from 27 to 29 May.

The exhibition will be be divided into several sections, such as service stations, alternative fuels, non-retail market, car wash, non-oil and fuel storage and transportation, so each of the attendees will find something for themselves.

Also, the 3rd Natural Gas Day will take place during the 2014 Oil&nonoil event. The Natural Gas Day  will be held on 28 May. It will address the issue of choices in terms of policy, administration and industrial development and is aimed at natural gas as a transport fuel and the development of a supply network in a European context. is a media partner of the event. More details about the exhibition can be found at the official website.


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