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Natural Gas Vehicles in Russia 2014

Natural gas is one of Russia's primary resources. While much of it is exported, more and more is consumed locally. Its automotive use will be discussed during an NGV-related forum in Moscow, on November 27, 2014.
Natural Gas Vehicles in Russia 2014© NGV RussiaNatural Gas Vehicles in Russia 2014

Russian authorities have an ambitious goal – switching entirely to natural gas as motor fuel by the end of the year 2014 (as far as public and commercial transport is concerned). This is a strategic priority and its realisation is meant to give Russian economy a significant boost in the automotive, gas and transport sectors.


Specific topics of the event include, among others:


  • The creation of a natural gas fuel market in Russia and what is the state policy towards it?;
  • Global trends on the gas engine fuel market. Overview of the growth of the Russian market. Price-setting as a key factor in its development;
  • Which are the most effective tools for financing gas engine fuel projects?;
  • Production and sale of gas engine fuel as a strategic task for the oil & gas industry;
  • What are the prospects for developing production of NGVs: problems, tasks, growth area?;
  • Experience of operating cars and special vehicles on gas engine fuel – carrier view;
  • Manufacturing components for NGVs: role of suppliers in market growth;
  • Planning, construction, reconstruction, equipping, operating and servicing NGV filling stations;
  • Attracting investments into the construction of NGV filling stations;
  • Transportation and delivery of gas fuel to filling stations – what are the challenges?

The event is addressed to a broad range of prospective attendees, among them OEM's, fuel suppliers, truck/bus fleet owners, gas equipment providers, filling station operators, policy makers, gas processing companies, etc. If you represent one of the above groups or you are in any other way interested, consider participating. The forum will be held at Moscow's Marriott Grand Hotel and more information can be found on the official website. supports the event as its media partner.


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