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The NGV market in the US is growing quickly. The increasing number of CNG/LNG stations, cars powered with natural gas and developing infrastructure confirm that the US NGV market is promising and it encourages many companies to invest there.
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The NGV market is promising and it encourages many companies to invest and work there. By organizing already the 4th NGV Infrastructure USA meeting, to be held between June 18-19 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Atlanta, FC Gas Intelligence gives all companies from the industry the opportunity to meet, exchange experience, talk about the latest news and learn the unique NGV market characteristics.

Besides the great conference and exhibition, the organizer offers a site visit – participants will have an opportunity to visit a local CNG station in Atlanta, look at working NGVs and the refueling process, as well as hear from one of the local distributors about the development of the infrastructure.

Main themes of the conference are:

  • NGV market dynamics,
  • Designing and building the next generation of CNG stations across the US,
  • Cities and towns making NGVs work for them,
  • LNG vs. CNG – how has the emphasis shifted and why?

Key statistics :

  • Over 800 attendees expected,
  • Key players from across the value chain with a massive focus on Fleet Operators, Natural Gas Utilities & C-Store Operators,
  • 40+ exhibition booths,
  • 40+ high-level speakers.

For details regarding the event's detailed agenda, the exhibition, sponsorship opportunities and more, visit the official website. is a media partner of this year's event.


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