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NGV Expo China 2014

Are you interested in NGVs, CNG engines and components, gas storage systems or maybe equipment used in gas refuelling stations? If you answered yes at least once, definitely consider going to China this September.

The 6th NGV Expo China is an international exhibition on NGVs, engines and gas refueling stations organized by the China Gases Industry Association. Hurry up if you wish to participate, because the exhibition will be held on September 22-26,2014, at the Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center. It aims at building the bridge for global NGV business chains to exchange experience, to discuss critical issues with successful applications and to untap the potential for the NGV industry. The forum shall cover a series of hot topics concerning the NGV market, status, application, pricing, technological innovations, facilities, refueling stations and safety. This is the last bell to think about participating in the event.

In addition to the exhibition there will also be discussion panels where international and domestic speakers will discuss topics such as:

  • trends of NGV conversion technologies,
  • current development and trends of the NGV OEM industry,
  • updated development of the European NGV market,
  • analysis of LNG vehicle-related technical standards.

The exhibition's extensive agenda will surely satisfy even the most demanding visitors. is a media partner of the exhibition. For more details visit the official website of the event.


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Ewa Litwińska
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