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NGV 2014 Brussels - driving the change

This year the 5th NGVA Europe International Show & Workshops will welcome us in Brussels. The location is not accidental, as the European Commission, which in recent times has clearly expressed will to boost the use of alternative fuels across Europe, is headquartered there. Also, Belgium will have over 30 CNG stations by the end of 2014!

The attendees will have an opportunity to participate in workshops dealing with the industry's key issues, listen about perspectives concerning the development of CNG/LNG infrastructure in Europe and learn about the latest and most innovative product ideas and plans of car, truck and bus manufacturers. And that's just among other things...

During the exhibition, NGV-related companies from all over the world will demonstrate the latest products, services and technologies from the industry. The 5th NGVA Europe International Show & Workshops will take place on July 7-10, 2014. For more details concerning exhibitions or sponsorship opportunities, visit the official website.

So, are you ready to visit the very heart of the European Union and be a part of NGV 2014 Brussels?


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Ewa Litwińska
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