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Master Truck 2013 - party heavy-duty

The 9th edition of the Master Truck customised truck show is almost upon us! It promises yet another fun- and action-packed weekend and not just thanks to a collection of fabulously modified juggernauts. If you seek some heavy-duty amusement, seek no further and head to Opole this July!
Master Truck 2013© Master TruckMark your calendar and do not miss this year's Master Truck - it is bound to leave you with some heavy-duty memories

Apparently, size seems to matter for some after all. There are people who consider regular passenger cars nothing more than road plankton, unworthy of more attention than absolutely necessary. They firmy believe that roads belong to 40-tonne 18-wheelers and whoever disagrees should confront one head to head. Come to think of it, there might actually be something to it... So if you are a fan of heavyweight motoring, be sure you come to Opole, Poland, between July 19 and 21 to join an onslaught of truckers and truck lovers. Be sure you will see some heavily customised vehicles, which were modified according to a single simple rule – there are no rules! The only limit is imagination.

As for turnout, it is bound to be high – previous editions of the Master Truck managed to attract as many as 60 thousand visitors. It seems like this year will be no worse, especially that there are going to be numerous concerts and competitions designed to make sure everybody has a good time. Obviously, LPG-themed attractions will be there, too, to convince everybody that autogas is a fuel for pretty much any vehicle and that an autogas system can be used as a tuning element in a car. It is definitely bound to tune your wallet to give you an extra chunk of cash!

As in previous years, will be a media partner of the event. We would like to take this opportunity to invite and encourage companies from the LPG sector to come to the 2013 Master Truck. If you wish to showcase your products, present your services and establish new business contacts, contact us and we will help you become visible at this year's show. Save the date and see you there!


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