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LPG Philippines Forum 2015

Following the success of last year’s Asia LP Gas Summit in the Philippines, this year the organizers decided to hold the Philippines LPG Forum to provide a platform for the promotion of LPG in Asia. The LPG Forum will take place between August 24-25 2015 in Manila, Philippines.

During the event participants will have the opportunity to discuss worldwide LPG market trends. Visitors and attendees will get a chance to understand how low oil prices affect the demand for LPG, how developments in the global and local marketplace for LPG affect the Philippines, and many more. As the world LPG markets integrate, these and other questions impact LPG in the Philippines and need to be properly understood.

The organizers have invited key industry organizations and shareholders shaping the LPG industry: the World LPG Association, the Department of Energy in Philippines, the LPG Centre of Japan and others. is a media partner of the event, so be sure we will keep you up-to-date with the LPG Forum Philippines 2015! More information can be found at the event's official website.


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