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LPG - Exceptional Energy: third time running

The LPG – Exceptional Energy conference, hosted by the POGP (Polish LPG Association), will be held on March 5-6, 2014, for the third time. It won't be an overstatement to say it has become one of the LPG sector's most important events, both in Poland and internationally.
LPG - Exceptional Energy 2014© POGPLPG truly is exceptional energy. If you're not convinced, come and find out why for yourself

The 2014 edition of the LPG – Exceptional Energy conference is shaping up to be a truly exceptional one subject-wise. In an opening address, the POGP president Jerzy Szablewski will present his organisation's latest annual report concerning the state of the LPG sector in Poland. This means a departure from a tradition of holding a separate press conference devoted to the presentation of the report.

The first day of the conference will be all about the prospects for LPG supply and demand in Poland and worldwide. Speakers from Africa, India, Russia and Kazakhstan are on the agenda to present various case studies from all over the world. The potential of LPG and possible ways to untap it are the main theme to be discussed throughout the day.

Day two will see some interesting autogas-related speeches. Przemysław Podgórski of Unimot Gaz will present his views on the development of diesel-gas technology and its potential rise in popularity, while later Piotr Oleksyk, the winner of the 2013 New Era Propulsion contest, will present his innovative winning project – the development of autogas systems for direct-injected petrol engines. A session devoted entirely to the New Era Propulsion contest will be the conference's final one.

As in the previous years, is a major media partner of this important and interesting event. We hope to see you there in Warsaw and for those of you who won't be able to attend LPG – Exceptional Energy 2014 in person, there will be detailed coverage available at soon after the conference.

The first announcement

LPG – Exceptional Energy is an event with broad range of interest, attracting the LPG sector's policymakers and stakeholders from all over the world. The 2014 edition is no exception here – the Sheraton hotel in Warsaw, Poland, will one again become the place where speakers representing major and emerging global LPG markets (not necessarily autogas markets) will meet to present some interesting case studies and forecasts for the future.

Those of you who regularly attend such conferences are bound to meet people often speaking at them, including Jerzy Szablewski (POGP, AmeriGas Poland), Szymon Araszkiewicz (Information Market/e-petrol), Nick Black (Argus Media) and Suyash Gupta (Indian Auto LPG Coalition), who have been already confirmed as speakers on day one. Interestingly, the event will also feature Wanjiku Manyara from Kenya, who will speak of LPG as modern fuel for Africa.

The African continent has long been mentioned by LPG experts as the new promised land of the sector, a vast market of great prospects and huge potential, so the personal presence of a PIEA (Petroleum Institute of East Africa) representative is a brilliant opportunity to find out more from a person involved first-hand in the matter. We are looking forward to Ms. Manyara's speech, even though it's just one out of many good reasons to be there at the 2014 LPG – Exceptional Energy conference. Stay tuned for more details!

As in the previous years, is a media partner of this important and interesting event.


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