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LPG - Exceptional Energy: an exceptional meeting

Between March 6-7, 2013 the Warsaw Sheraton hotel will host the second edition of the International LPG – An Exceptional Energy Conference. The event is supported by both the WLPGA (World LPG Association) and the AEGPL (European LPG Association).

The conference will consist of four sessions: a press conference dedicated to the presentation of the POGP's (Polish LPG Association's) Annual Report, company presentations, workshops and, last but not least, a formal gala dinner held at the National Opera. According to the organisers, this is going to be a unique opportunity for LPG sector representatives to meet, broaden their knowledge and make new business contacts.

Preparations are in full swing already: the conference's official website is online now and it offers the option of signing up for the entire event or its selected parts. The Polish LPG Association puts appropriate pressure on quality and substance of the meeting.

In this exceptional time we need to provide exceptional solutions, reach out and understand what the market requires. This is why we, the Polish LPG Association, decided to host a conference which offers an insight into the market from a global point of view and an opportunity to compare experience from foreign markets with our own.

Andrzej Olechowski, POGP chairman

The event's agenda and list of speakers are being currently finalised. However, delegates from South Korea, Turkey, Germany and Russia have already been confirmed to participate. WLPGA and AEGPL representatives will undoubtedly participate as well, and so will local national LPG associations' delegates.

The conference is supported by – a media partner of the event.

The conference will not start until March 2013, but we encourage everyone interested to reserve their time and sign up today.


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