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LPG Europe event coming to Amsterdam

What are the current trends and forecasts for the European LPG market? What are the opportunities and challenges for LPG? What direction of development with the LPG sector in Europe take? The answers to the above questions can be found during ACI’s LPG Europe summit, to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, between June 24-25, 2015.

The event, organized by Active Communications International, will bring together major stakeholders, experts and leading companies from the LPG industry. Key topics for discussion will include:

  • the future of LPG as automotive fuel in Europe,
  • bio-propane: the future of LPG?,
  • European LPG markets,
  • cutting-edge technical developments for off-grid energy applications and many more.

Why should you attend? There are many reasons. By participating in the LPG Europe you can exchange your point of view with your colleagues, understand the current trends and learn about the forecasts for the LPG market in Europe.

Further information can be found at the official website. is a media partner of the ACI’s LPG Europe summit.


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