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LNG Europe+ 2016 - fuelling the future

Fuelling the Future is the tagline of the upcoming LNG Europe+ Conference, set to take place on November 23-24, 2016. Where? In Valencia or, more specifically, the sea port there, which is Spain's biggest of its kind. Which is quite telling in terms of the event's agenda.
LNG Europe+ Conference 2016© Actia ForumLNG wants to be the diesel of tomorrow - attend to find out why and how

Of course, the use of liquefied natural gas as marine fuel will be discussed, but will not dominate the conference thematically. Day one will be devoted to the European LNG market in general, while adoption of the fuel by the transport sector will be discussed on the second day. Matters related to LNG terminals will be at hand (including the newly opened one in Świnoujście, Poland), as well as distribution outside the grid, diversification of supplies and refueling station network for road transport. Speeches revolving specifically around marine transport (conversion to LNG, bunkering, demand, short- and long-term perspectives) are also on the agenda.

The event is organised by Actia Forum and detailed information regarding the programme, venue or speakers can be found at the official website of the conference. One thing is for sure: since the LNG market is growing so rapidly across Europe and the world, attending the conference is definitely worthwhile. LNE Europe+ is the place to learn of the prospects and perspectives for the nearer and further future of the sector and the latest trends in LNG trading, transport and use. is a media partner of the event, so expect more information coming your way.


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